Time To Declare: This Year’s Knicks Team Has A Glimmer Of Hope

After a 9-6 December, the best month the Knicks have had in 8-seasons, the predictable response of Knicks teams of the past decade was to become content, and head straight back to the embarrassment that the team has become in the Dolan Era.

Well so far in January not this Knicks team.

Friday night Nate Robinson, after 14-games on the bench blacked out on the Hawks for 41-points off the bench (The Hawks who are currently the 4th seed in the Eastern Conference).

(courtesy of CBSSports.com)

Tonight, following that big win in the ATL, the Knicks absolutely embarrassed a very depleted Pacers’ team 132-89, in a game that at one point saw the Knicks up by 48-points, and had Knicks fans (such as myself) giggling in happiness with the ball movement, team hustle, general business like manner and quality of basketball that Knick fans haven’t seen in a long while. It was the largest margin of victory in the NBA this season.

“Why make a big deal of beating up on a wounded Pacers team?”, you might ask. Well, because this was a CLASSIC spot that over the course of the past 8 seasons the Knicks never seemed to capitalize in. They’d get a big win, and become content, and lazy, and go right back to playing terrible basketball.

So this great start to 2010 has got me running my mouth. Sure the Knicks aren’t a championship team- but they’re slightly better than mediocre and for a fan who’s seen well below average for 8 seasons that’s enough for me. Come June, 30-million and something dollars will be coming off the books and I think it’s a good time for the Knicks fans out there, who have been supporting this team over the past 10-seasons, to start making some noise.

Because come next season, suddenly the Knicks will be a damn good team, and all those annoying girls will begin posting how much they love the Knicks on the facebook status like it’s the Yankees in the playoffs, and those free tickets your buddy always lands will be gone.

So might as well get on the train early. The Knicks, if they aren’t back- will be back…very very soon.


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