About The Dude Writing This.

I started this blog in 2008 as a way to sound off about sports and try to get back into writing after years of laying off. After doing it for 2 years + I realized how small the internet really is and became disenfranchised with the outright creulty and internet punks surrounding the blog-o-sphere (I may have been guilty of that myself). Since, at the end of the day, we’re all a bunch of dorks wearing official team jerseys and caps, who never played in a level of competition higher than High School Sports.

With that being said – These are ALL MY OWN OPINIONS. Please do not take them personally. It’s just one fan of sports opinions about the stuff he spends countless hours watching. I’AM NOT A JOURNALIST. Nor claim to be. Just a dude.

As for me, I’m pushing 30 (old fart territory). I grew up in New Jersey mostly. Currently live in Brooklyn.

I’m a fan of the Yankees, Knicks, and Browns- but since the latter two of those teams only offer frustration up until recently, I enjoy rooting for tough, well played, close games more than anything.

I had brief stints working for the University of Massachusetts-Amherst, student newspaper The Collegian, and I also worked a year at ANG Newspapers, where my articles were published in, the San Mateo County Times, the Oakland Tribune, and the San Francisco Chronicle. Sadly, newspapers fall short of budgeting, and make it very difficult to make a career out of working there- so I’ve been relegated to the blogsphere.

I enjoy spending time with my special lady friend, traveling, and taking photographs.

Feel free to email comments and thoughts to: Hillman4Mayor@gmail.com
Thanks for your support,

Danny H.


4 thoughts on “About The Dude Writing This.

  1. Would love to have your articles posting at bleacherreport.com. With our blog import tool your articles would auto-import to your b/r profile and link back to your blog giving your work exposure to our established online community.

    I think your MLB content would get a ton of reads from us. Please email me mtcheyan@bleacherreport.com so I can tell you more about our site and get you set up.


  2. Great website I’ll be going on it often so keep blogging also are you going to be blogging about the all star game? But anyway see you soon….don’t forget I’ll destroy you in Mario Super Sluggers and any Xbox 360 game.TEEHEE
    Jacob 8-D


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