Finally A Yankee Says What He’s Feeling

From ESPN New York

By Andrew Marchand


ARLINGTON, Texas — Yankees right fielder Nick Swisher wants to face Cliff Lee in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, but he is sick of talking about him. Swisher cannot stand hearing another question asked about Lee.

With the Yankees facing Texas Rangers starter Colby Lewis in Game 6, Swisher did not take kindly to a reporter asking teammates a couple lockers down about Lee.

“You guys are talking about Cliff Lee?” said Swisher out loud in a room full of reporters. “[Expletive], who cares?”

As he walked off, Swisher said, “I can’t wait to hit against his [behind].”

Later, when a reporter asked about saying this out loud with reporters present, Swisher cut off a reporter when the words “Cliff Lee” were uttered.

“I’m not talking about Cliff Lee,” Swisher said. “I don’t give a [expletive].”

Lee is 3-0 with a 1.88 ERA in three postseason starts the last two years.

Swisher vocalized annoyance among many of the Yankees in the clubhouse leading into this series when they were constantly asked about Lee before Game 1 even though Lee wasn’t starting until Game 3.


Break up the Nick Swisher Love Fest

Quietly, or not so quietly (depending on how intense of a Yankees’ fan you are), Nick Swisher and his early season hitting exhibition have come crashing down to earth like a brick dropped from the sky.

Swisher, in the month of May, has been 3/30 with 16 strike-outs. Also nauseating than that is the fact he’s only walked 5 times, in that same stretch. Quietly his batting average has gone from .312 to .243.

Swisher, is no doubt a lovable, happy-go-lucky character in the clubhouse. When I lived out in the Bay Area, announcer and fans alike, would gush over his jovial personality- and how the guy never had a bad day. But it must be pretty hard to be a happy-go-lucky guy, when you’re mired in a terrible slump like this. Suddenly, it’s apparent why the Yankees where very happy with the platoon of Nady-Swisher in right-field, and how much Nady can help this team, when he comes back from injury. Nady has been hitting of a tee, recently and hopes to be back with the team shortly.  Adding his bat to the lineup, also adds an extra bat to the bench. And watching the two, two-game series a week ago vs. the Rays and Sox, a bat off the bench would be a perfect thing with this shorten lineup.

More than this, maybe Yankee fans can stop with the chants of “We Want Swisher”, every time the bullpen gets beaten around at home. No- no you do not want Swisher pitching for you ever again, no matter how bad Damaso Marte looks.

Stop the "We Want Swisher" chants, when the pen is getting it's clock cleaned...please.

Stop the "We Want Swisher" chants, when the pen is getting it's clock cleaned...please.