With headlines like that- sometime I wonder if I missed my calling as headline writer for the New York Daily News.

So Lee took $40M less to head to back to Philadelphia. Hard to hate on that.

The man took $40 Mil less to go back to a city that he never wanted to leave in the first place, and join a rotation that will be among the very best. The likes of which we have not seen since “arguably” the…

1998 Yankees?? (Wells -18 wins, Cone – 20 wins, El Duque – 12 & 4, Pettitte 16 wins).

Several of those Orioles rotations in the 70’s?? (Palmer, Flanagan, El Presidente- Dennis Martinez, McGregor, Qatar, etc).

Or your Braves of the 90’s? (Maddox, Glavine, Smoltz, Nagle/Millwood/Avery/etc.).

Regardless, Lee took less to join a great team / sports city. A team who has a chance to be historically great. Hard to be angry at a man for that.


Finally A Yankee Says What He’s Feeling

From ESPN New York

By Andrew Marchand


ARLINGTON, Texas — Yankees right fielder Nick Swisher wants to face Cliff Lee in Game 7 of the American League Championship Series, but he is sick of talking about him. Swisher cannot stand hearing another question asked about Lee.

With the Yankees facing Texas Rangers starter Colby Lewis in Game 6, Swisher did not take kindly to a reporter asking teammates a couple lockers down about Lee.

“You guys are talking about Cliff Lee?” said Swisher out loud in a room full of reporters. “[Expletive], who cares?”

As he walked off, Swisher said, “I can’t wait to hit against his [behind].”

Later, when a reporter asked about saying this out loud with reporters present, Swisher cut off a reporter when the words “Cliff Lee” were uttered.

“I’m not talking about Cliff Lee,” Swisher said. “I don’t give a [expletive].”

Lee is 3-0 with a 1.88 ERA in three postseason starts the last two years.

Swisher vocalized annoyance among many of the Yankees in the clubhouse leading into this series when they were constantly asked about Lee before Game 1 even though Lee wasn’t starting until Game 3.

Done Deal: Cliff Lee to Phillies

Hot off the metaphoric news presses, the Phillies have propelled their chances at defending their championship this season by landing last season’s AL CY Young winner Cliff Lee.

Lee, who on the season has been has been very good with a 3.14 ERA, has suffered from terrible run support all season long. His ERA is even more impressive considering Lee’s awful start, where in his first two games he gave up 11 Earned Run in 10 innings.


Lee and Hamels at the top of the rotation give the Phillies arguably the best 1-2 punch in baseball

The Indians in return will be receiving Triple-A right-hander Carlos Carrasco, Single-A righty Jason Knapp, and catcher Lou Marson. According to people in “THE KNOW”, Marson is someone who could be viewed as an air apparent to Victor Martinez, meaning that this is just the tip of the iceberg for the Indians when it comes to trading this season. As it’s been rumored that several teams, including the Rays and Red Sox, are interested in the 31-year old hard hitting Catcher/First basemen.

The Phillies, after this trade, find themselves with arguably a better pitching rotation then the one that led them to their first championship since 1980, last season. With Lee and Hamels at the top of the rotation, the Phillies find themselves with a one-two punch that rivals any in baseball. Consider the fact that Lee will now get a boost from, not just being in a pennant race, but facing the NL for the first time, and not having to deal with DH’s.

Any high Mets fans recently have been feeling from their modest 4-game winning streak, the Phillies have just socked out of them.

For the Phillies, Cliff Lee is their big consolation prize for not being able to land the best pitcher in baseball, Roy Halladay. Considering what the Phillies were to give up to land Halladay, this trade might have worked better for the ball-club, long term. And if Lee can help propel this Phillies team to a World Series, it could be the right answer short term also.

Regardless, take note National League- suddenly the Phillies find themselves favorites in the National League Pennant chance.