Three Biggest Words In Sports: Brett Favre’s Penis

The Three Biggest Words in Sports the past 3 days: “Brett” “Favre” “penis”.

Deadspin broke the story awhile back, but rapidly growing new allegations have suddenly propelled this story to nation wide news starting on Friday, and hitting a peak on Monday.

Here is the link for a synapses to the whole scandal.
Me Personally? I could care less, and I feel like so should you. Isn’t it time we stop viewing the world’s best athletes as superior human beings both on and off the field? While athletes are the  modern day equivalent to the gladiator warrior, why do we think any athlete popular enough to get a nationally run commercial could be immune to any flaws off the field as well?

Athletes have time after time  let us down with antics off the field since the first American Sports Figure, Babe Ruth (who was quiet the philanderer himself in his time, but was protected by the media of his era). Why should we continue to have faith in all of them, especially with the thing called the internet these days?

I think the time has come when we should stop viewing our modern day gladiators as superior model citizens. We should begin to view them with the same you view your neighbors, friends, co-workers, or bosses.

As non understanding assholes who think they know more than you.


Street Basketball Legend, Dies at 38

From the “New York Post Blog Section”

link is here

3:20 AM, October 8, 2010 ι By JOSEPH STASZEWSKI

The New York City basketball world lost a legend Wednesday night when John (The Franchise) Strickland died in his sleep at the age of 38.

The sad news was spread all over Facebook and Twitter by different members of the city’s streetball community, by which Strickland is revered. They shared stories like him dancing with the crowd at Dyckman and his words of wisdom, including his signature phrase, “finish your breakfast”, which meant schooling and scoring on your man off the dribble.

Strickland’s reach goes so far that even Miami Heat star Lebron James mourned his passing on his Twitter account saying: “R.I.P to homie Strick.”Finish Your Breakfast”. Roc Boyz in the building.” Strickland was mentioned in Jay-Z’s hit song Public Service Announcement in the line: “No one can do it better. I check cheddar like a food inspector. My homey Strick told me, ‘Dude, finish your breakfast.'”

The 6-foot-8 forward, who was currently in the Halifax Rainmen’s front office as their Director of Basketball Development, was considered one of the best players ever in streetball. As a low-post wizard and a superb passer, he once averaged more than 40 points per game at Nike Pro City, considered the circuit’s primer league. Strickland became the first person to win a title there as a player and a coach when he led Gold’s Gym to the championship this summer.

“It’s not a good feeling, it’s a great feeling,” Strickland said after. …“It’s really about the players more than anything. They make me look better than what I am.”

Well he was pretty darn good himself, still playing in big games throughout the city.

Strickland, a Brooklyn native, played at Hawaii Pacific University, where he averaged a double-double in each of his final two seasons. He also played six seasons in the USBL (1995-2000). He was voted to the 1997 All-USBL Second Team and the All-USBL First Team in 1998. He averaged 22 points and 7.7 rebounds in 95 games. He spent more than 10 years playing overseas. Strickland, who earned himself an invite to the Knicks training camp in 1996, played for the Rainmen of the PBL from 2008-2010. John Strickland was invited to the Knicks training camp in 1996.

New York Post

John Strickland was invited to the Knicks training camp in 1996.

Strickland will be remembered as the guy in the gym you couldn’t take your eyes off of whether he was on the court or not. He was a showman, always playing the crowd and living in the moment of spontaneity. Pro City announcer Big Brawley Chisholm joked with Strickland during this year’s final that he needed to pick his pants up as they kept dropping down his waist on the bench. Strickland, with his hat backward, took it in stride and kept on coaching his players.

But while Strickland was never one to miss a chance to make a joke, there was a serious side too — the one that made him a father figure to many of the circuit’s players, the one that made him such a competitor on the court and the one that got him into heated basketball discussions after games, especially losses.

There are certainly players and people who can never be replaced or replicated. Strickland was the prototypical streetball player. He could flat out ball, could win over fans as well as win games and took those who came after him under his wing. Strickland’s passing leaves a great hole in the fabric of New York basketball.

There is only one Franchise.

As A Gift to Mets Fans: Your Best Moment in 2010

Well for Mets fans it was another tough season to stomach in 2010. And although there is some promise with the rumors of Manuel and Minaya on their way out the door (I mean, how long could Minaya boast to ownership that he was a good General Manager for getting back Maine and Ollie Perez five years ago???), there’s also that certain sting of another season gone by the waist side. Especially with former “future stars”, David Wright and Jose Reyes, now finding themselves smack dab in the primes of their careers. What was to be the Golden Era for the Franchise now has Mets fans hearing that big clock on the wall.

So for my Mets friends, I have attached the best moment of their season. The high water mark.

Lets go back to April 30th, 2010, Coming off a 9-1 home stand, The Mets went down to Philadelphia to play 3.

The Mets won 9-1 over the Phillies and take 1.5 game lead on first place.

The way it was suppose to be, Wright being greeted by Bay at homeplate.

At least there’s always next season.

I Hope I’m Wrong, But 1st Round Exit Looms For Yanks

The 2010 Yankees have had 3, “Holy Cow” moments this season…

1) The Walkoff HR by Thames v. The Red Sox in May

2) The Come from behind win v. Los Angeles in July

3) The come from behind win in the two-game series at Arlington, vs. The Rangers in the late summer.

Come to think of it, this Yankee team has had many of the symptoms of Yankee Teams from 2002-2008.

Cold slumps, players not playing at their all-star potential, game after game being nearly indistinguishable from the rest, not much adversity, a lack of close games, losses in several regular season games that were deemed “big games”, and mediocre starting pitching as a whole (CC has been fantastic, Hughes has been as good as you can ask).
Taking all that into account, I believe the Yankees are staring a 1st Round disappointment square in the face. As a Yankee fan I hope I’m wrong, but the fact remains this team (with this payroll) has had a very “ehhhh” season.

Take into account all the fantastic moments the 2009 season left Yankees with, this 2010 team has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the 2010 playoffs.

Time will tell, but the playoffs start next week… very exciting.

Charlie Finley’s Love For The Old Yankee Stadium


We all know Charlie Finley, owner of the Oakland A’s franchise from 1960-1981, was as colorful an owner as any Major League Baseball has ever seen.

Recently I heard about this story about Charlie Finley, that I found interesting about his “affection” for the dimensions in the Old Yankee Stadium.
From my main source of everything… Wikipedia (so I know it must be true)……

After supposedly being told by manager Ed Lopat about the Yankees’ success being attributable to the dimensions of Yankee Stadium, he built the “K.C. Pennant Porch” in right field, which brought the right field fence in Kansas City Municipal Stadium to match Yankee Stadium’s dimensions exactly, just 296 feet from home plate. However, a rule passed in 1958 held that no (new or renovated) major-league fence could be closer than 325 feet, so league officials forced Finley to move the fences back after two exhibition games. The A’s owner then ordered a white line to be painted on the field at the original “Pennant Porch” distance, and told the public address announcer to announce “That would have been a home run in Yankee Stadium” whenever a fly ball was hit past that line but short of the fence. The practice was quickly abandoned after the announcer was calling more “would-be” home runs for the opposition than the A’s.

That’s the sort of antics that would even make Mark Cuban tip his cap.

A salute to Charlie Finley… A man who once proposed that the Major Leagues use orange baseballs.
A man who created the idea of  a mechanical groundhog behind home plate that would bring the umpires new baseballs- and used it in a few spring training games.

The man who discovered MC Hammer, when he hired him as a ball boy.

Yet oddly one of the most successful owners in baseball history.

Crazy like a fox, Charlie Finley

Pitching Is Back

With Roy Halladay’s Perfect Game on Saturday Night. It’s become incredibly evident that Pitching is back.

Wilfredo Lee/Associated Press

Anyone else notice the extreme amount of Perfect Games, No-Hitters, No Hit Bids, Near Perfect Games, and high strike out performances we’ve seen from pitchers this season? Anyone notice that the Top-5 in ERA in both leagues are all anemic?

I wonder if baseball new strict stance on steroids has ANYTHING at all to do with it…..I wonder…