Don’t Sleep on The Giants

I’m not saying the favorites going into the 2010 NLCS are the San Francisco Giants. After all you would be some sort of oddity to say something as STUPID as that. But let us not sleep on the San Francisco Giants one bit.

Game 1 should be a crap shoot. Going into this season you probably would have said the most likely two Cy Young winners in the National League would be Lincecum and Halladay- and both pitchers have been lights out as of late. Halladay and his no-hit dramatics in the NLCS v. the Reds, and Lincecum’s huge pressure starts down the stretch to put the Giants in the playoffs.

One can argue that Cain v. Oswalt in Game 2 is even more in the favor of the Giants since Cain has been blindingly good down the stretch and Oswalt had a “what was that??” performance in Game 2 of the NLDS verse the Reds.

As for Game 3, the way Jonathan Sanchez has been dominating and pitching with all the pressure of the world on his shoulders down the stretch of the regular season is something hard to dispute. Despite how great of a year Hammels had, Sanchez the last month, to me, has been if not the top- one of the top starting pitchers in baseball.

Game 4? Madison Bumgarner v. who? Joe Blanton?. I wouldn’t trust Joe Blanton v. a juggs machine. Even Bumgarner has delivered for the Giants of late.

OF COURSE, the Phillies have a more dominating lineup- but it’s also a lineup that loves to strike out, and with the Giants sporting 3 great strikeout pitchers… I’m gonna do it! I’m gonna do it!

I’m taking the Giants in SIX. Yes SIX.

I feel the hot lights they’ve played so well under the last two-months is a huge advantage. I also like Brian Wilson out of the pen, and feel like Lidge is STILL a ticking bomb in that pen.

So yes, Giants in six… Final Answer


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