Three Biggest Words In Sports: Brett Favre’s Penis

The Three Biggest Words in Sports the past 3 days: “Brett” “Favre” “penis”.

Deadspin broke the story awhile back, but rapidly growing new allegations have suddenly propelled this story to nation wide news starting on Friday, and hitting a peak on Monday.

Here is the link for a synapses to the whole scandal.
Me Personally? I could care less, and I feel like so should you. Isn’t it time we stop viewing the world’s best athletes as superior human beings both on and off the field? While athletes are the  modern day equivalent to the gladiator warrior, why do we think any athlete popular enough to get a nationally run commercial could be immune to any flaws off the field as well?

Athletes have time after time  let us down with antics off the field since the first American Sports Figure, Babe Ruth (who was quiet the philanderer himself in his time, but was protected by the media of his era). Why should we continue to have faith in all of them, especially with the thing called the internet these days?

I think the time has come when we should stop viewing our modern day gladiators as superior model citizens. We should begin to view them with the same you view your neighbors, friends, co-workers, or bosses.

As non understanding assholes who think they know more than you.


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