As A Gift to Mets Fans: Your Best Moment in 2010

Well for Mets fans it was another tough season to stomach in 2010. And although there is some promise with the rumors of Manuel and Minaya on their way out the door (I mean, how long could Minaya boast to ownership that he was a good General Manager for getting back Maine and Ollie Perez five years ago???), there’s also that certain sting of another season gone by the waist side. Especially with former “future stars”, David Wright and Jose Reyes, now finding themselves smack dab in the primes of their careers. What was to be the Golden Era for the Franchise now has Mets fans hearing that big clock on the wall.

So for my Mets friends, I have attached the best moment of their season. The high water mark.

Lets go back to April 30th, 2010, Coming off a 9-1 home stand, The Mets went down to Philadelphia to play 3.

The Mets won 9-1 over the Phillies and take 1.5 game lead on first place.

The way it was suppose to be, Wright being greeted by Bay at homeplate.

At least there’s always next season.


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