I Hope I’m Wrong, But 1st Round Exit Looms For Yanks

The 2010 Yankees have had 3, “Holy Cow” moments this season…

1) The Walkoff HR by Thames v. The Red Sox in May

2) The Come from behind win v. Los Angeles in July

3) The come from behind win in the two-game series at Arlington, vs. The Rangers in the late summer.

Come to think of it, this Yankee team has had many of the symptoms of Yankee Teams from 2002-2008.

Cold slumps, players not playing at their all-star potential, game after game being nearly indistinguishable from the rest, not much adversity, a lack of close games, losses in several regular season games that were deemed “big games”, and mediocre starting pitching as a whole (CC has been fantastic, Hughes has been as good as you can ask).
Taking all that into account, I believe the Yankees are staring a 1st Round disappointment square in the face. As a Yankee fan I hope I’m wrong, but the fact remains this team (with this payroll) has had a very “ehhhh” season.

Take into account all the fantastic moments the 2009 season left Yankees with, this 2010 team has a lot of catching up to do when it comes to the 2010 playoffs.

Time will tell, but the playoffs start next week… very exciting.

One thought on “I Hope I’m Wrong, But 1st Round Exit Looms For Yanks

  1. Love the post man, great read and agreed! I think that the Yankees have an unbelievable offense and that when you look top to the bottom it is seriously unfair to the other teams in the Major Leagues. However, their pitching as everyone knows is quite suspect except maybe for Sabathia. This I think is going to cause issues for them because like any sport you can’t outscore your opponents in the playoffs the same way in which you do during the regular season. Also, you think you could check out my blog? I really want to hear your thoughts. http://chrisross91.wordpress.com/2010/10/02/bottom-3/

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