Rothlisberger’s New Doo

A lot of talk today in the sports about the DA’s decision to not charge Ben Rothlisberger of an alleged sexual assault of a 20-year old woman in a Georgia Bar. And whether there is truth to accusations towards Ben, or not, truthful we might never know- the fact remains that Ben Rothlisberger’s new hair cut that he unveiled at his press conference this afternoon, did nothing to help the general public believe that he is nothing short of a sex offender..

Look at this Mullet/WWF Wrestler of the 80’s hair doo.

Reminds me of this gentleman….

Ben also fostered another terrible look during this past NFL Season….

Ron Burgundy would be proud

Hopefully Ben will get smart and start hiring a few people to serve as a bumper for him whenever he decides he wants to spend a night partying with a bunch of co-ed college student. Hopefully that same person that can provide Ben with sage advice of how to not look like a sex offender.


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