The Blueprint 4: Restoring the Knicks

With all this talk about the upcoming free agent market in the NBA, if I were king of the Knicks for a day, I would urge to proceed with caution, when it comes to blowing your entire load this summer.

Everyone says LeBron WANTS to stay in Cleveland, and Wade WANTS to stay in Miami but in the Summer of 2011, I can tell you one super-star player who WON’T WANT TO STAY in his current city.

This off-season I would go out and sign a quality player who could legitimize the Knicks for the 2010-2011 campaign, someone like Chris Bosh. Adding star-power like Bosh would quickly bolster your teams status in the league and make your team perennial playoff contenders, and keep the fans patient for, siggggggh, one more season (including the ones who BOLDLY PREDICTED THAT THE KNICKS WOULD MAKE THE PLAYOFFS THIS YEAR….OOPS) .

But if LeBron is so eager to stay with the Cavs, a scary thought for Knicks fans is to overpay for the likes of Joe Johnson or Amare Stoudamire, when something bigger and better is lurking in the pot for 2011. Why not save that money for the 2011 off-season and sign arguably the most fun player to watch in the NBA…

This guy…

If I ever see this guys in a Knicks jersey.....

I’m willing to put all my money that Kevin Durant has no desire to stay in a city like Oklahoma City. Under exposed and not exactly a cultural mecca or home town for Durant.

In addition to that, the performance this young man put on at The Garden on February 20th, with a Garden buzzing about the Knicks recent trade for Tracey McGrady, was proof that he can handle the big lights of the “Mecca of Basketball”. His clutch shots during the final stretches of this game had me wanting to buy his sneakers- and I haven’t purchased basketball sneakers since 1998.

In addition to that, he also resembles a younger version of someone who taught me, as a young boy, the hard lesson that life isn’t always fair…

Lesson learned MJ


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