Welcome Back…

Sorry for the very very long hiatus from the blog. Work has caught me by the twig and berries and tried to strip me of my social life-but don’t fret sports fans!! The mighty No Whammies Sports shall press on and bring the power of word and poor grammar as often as possible!

And with a new baseball season upon us, March Madness in the forefront and football free agents signing with new teams left and right- (is the NBA season still going on?) there certainly is no shortage of topics as we have come to mid-March, arguably the best and most exciting part of the sports year.

And with a new dedication to life of this blog, in the near future you might see some more quick hits and shorter articles due to heavy work load from yours truly but rest assure, I will attempt longer articles too- and remember to follow the blog on Twitter at: NoWhaMMMIES (had to go with ‘3’-M’s because of some whore who snatched up No Whammies, with two-m’s). I’m really on twitter mostly to laugh at how poorly the common athlete can spell, but I “TWEET” (is that what it’s called?) here and there.

Anyway here’s a little something for you, arguably the best Umpire-Manager argument of all time. Hopefully you accept this as a sorry for not updating as much and a thank you for sticking with the blog through the dreary winter months.



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