Super Bowl XLIV, A Running Log

The AFC has won the last 8 coin tosses? Is that what Nance said after the coin toss?

Simms told an interesting story about Colts Head Coach, Mike Caldwell and how calm her looked during the game. Probably the reason why it’s hard to remember who coaches the Colts, he’s so calm he rarely gets as many shots of him on the sideline as the more animated coaches.

Abe Vigoda made a Super Bowl commercial? Nice.

It’s kinda sad to see arguably the baddest (bad as in good…like the kids say) defense of all time, the ’85 Bears, making fun of how old they are in commercials…ole’ mother time has a cruel sense of humor.

Outside of “60 Minutes” and maybe two episodes of “Two and a Half Men”, I’ve probably never seen another CBS Television Show.

Jay Leno on a David Letterman ad?? What? An admission to defeat by Jay? God Leno is the worst.

Clearly the theme of this years Super Bowl advertisements is overweight men in underwear and the familiar theme of misogyny, which has been a running thread in all light beer commercials of the past 10 years.

How many college kids are going to do drugs and go see the new Disney movie, “Alice in Wonderland”?

How could the Saints not kick the field goal there at the end of the 2nd quarter? You miss that play, you put yourself in the biggest handicap you can do as a head coach. Luckily they got the 3 points back by stopping Manning on a three-and-out.

Man that Keith Moon doesn’t age, meanwhile the rest of The Who does…oh wait.

Six years later, the NFL is just getting whim of how awesome Arcade Fire’s, “Wake Up”? Looking forward to them ruining that song.

That was the best start to a second half you’ll ever see. Ballsy!

Other options on television tonight: TBS is airing “Titanc”, MSNBC has a “To Catch a Predator” marathon,  TNT is showing a “Law and Order” marathon, and the weirdest scheduling, ESPN airing  “The World Series of Poker” (as if there’s any gambler isn’t watching the Super Bowl tonight).

That’s three Super Bowl’s in a row with a fantastic pivotal catch. What a snag by Lance Moore on that 2-point conversion.

Seeing Charles Barkley in a Taco Bell commercial reminded me on one of my all time favorite quotes. Once after a game in Milwaukee, Charles was arrested for throwing a man through a pain of glass at a bar after he threw a glass of ice at him. After the incident a reporter asked Barkley if he had any regrets about the incident, Barkley resonpended by saying something along the lines of “Yes, I wish we were on the second floor”.

Going into the game, hard to imagine a Manning interception that looked that bad would be the turning point of the game.

Congrats Saints fans…You’re World Champions.

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