My “Bold” Super Bowl Prediction…

The best part about Sunday’s Super Bowl is that there’s little doubt in any educated football fan that the two best teams, teams that were hearing chatter of a perfect season just a month or so ago, will be playing in the “Big Game”.

Coming into the biggest single sporting event our country has to offer, the Colts are looking many major injuries in the eye. There is serious doubts on whether their best pass rusher Dwight Freeney, the major cog in the Colts defensive wheel for the past 8 or so years,will be able to play.  And now there is zero-hour concerns about an injury to star receiver Reggie Wayne’s knee. An injury he has battled all season long was aggravated in practice on Friday. That’s a lot of star power that the Colts will could be missing if both Wayne and Freeney can’t play on Sunday. Both guys are listed as “questionable” (correction: Wayne is listed as probable). Despite “Questionable” status in the injury report, pending these guys don’t have body parts amputated in the next 36 hours, you know they’ll be on the field for the Mega-Super-Event in Pro Sports. But with that being said, limited duty might be all the workload these two guys can handle.

Bare in mind this is a Colts team who could have possibly lost in the AFC Championship had Jets cornerback, Kerry Rhodes, been able to stop the Man of the Hour two-sundays ago, Pierre Garcon, or at least put a hand on him. Garcon lit up the reserve cornerback Rhodes, to the point where a sports fan might have felt bad for Rhodes, watching him get torched all over the gridiron. Despite the Saints not having the world’s strongest secondary, it’s hard to imagine the Colts defense putting heavy pressure on Super-Saint Drew Brees if defensive-end, Dwight Freeney is not playing in this game on Sunday. Granted the Colts have several other guys who can bring the heat to the Saints passing-game, I feel as if Freeney not playing will provide a side of the offensive line where Brees can get comfortable turning his back to and rolling out towards.

So when it comes to my pick for the Super Bowl, I’m with this dog.

I like the Saints in a shootout 37-31.


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