It’s Been Too Long. A Welcome Return Back to Terrible Songs by NFL Players

It use to be a yearly thing in the NFL. It was as Football and American as the group dance in the end zone, before the NFL (OR NO FUN LEAGUE as Warren Sapp once put it), outlawed those great team endzone dances.

It’s probably been about 15-20 years since we’ve had a football player make a awesomely bad attempt at rapping/singing/or dancing. Thank you LT for bringing it back!

The All-Time Greatest…(Greatest Terrible Football Team Video/Rap/Song)

The 49ers can spit it too. Please note the hot fire that Jerry Rice spits. Repin’ EPA Son.

This wasn’t an “offical NFL Team Rap Video”, but it came pretty damn close with all the 90’s NFL Player cameos.

This isn’t a hip hop song either, cause I’m not sure  Boston had integrated schools in 1985. But it is so terrible it’s always worth a watch. New England Patriots answer to the ’85 Bears’ Super Bowl Shuffle.


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