What’s With American Baseball Fans Infatuation With Cuban Born Players?

I noticed this afternoon that the Reds have closed in on the mysterious man this baseball off-season, Cuban-defector, Aroldis Chapman at 5-yr and $30 million.

Chapman was brilliant in his limited performances in the 2009 World Baseball Classic

It got me thinking to why almost every player who migrates to the US from Cuban strikes a chord of excitement with fans here in the states. As if fans are like “Oh, he played under the hostile clutch of Fidel, of course he’s going to be a mega-star in the Major Leagues”. To the baseball community, there always seems to be a natural infatuation to the Cuban player. Perhaps some patriotism as in, “This guy came to America to live his dream”, or something along those lines. But the truth of the matter is that the player coming to America to play baseball for millions of dollars more than usual becomes the biggest headline a Cuban-born major-leaguer ever is able to garner.

Below I copy and pasted the last 20 guys (prior to Chapman), who migrated to America to play ball in the Major Leagues. Lots of non-notables in there.

Thank you baseballreference.com

I noticed that Chapman’s new contract fell way short of the 40 some-odd million he hoped to take in his first stint in the Major Leagues. Taken that in to account I wonder if finally GM’s are done outbidding one another for the newest Cuban Sensation to hit the shores.


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