Quick NFL Playoff Predictions…

First off, I’d like to say since Mid-November I’ve liked the San Diego Chargers and the Green Bay Packers in the Super Bowl…so I will stick to my guns on that one.
With that being said, I think every game this week is a toss-up, so lets not worry about spreads in my predictions…

In Saturday’s first game, I think last week’s Sunday Night match-up was a aberration. Coming into a game with little to no meaning, playing in -7 degree weather, against a team playing for their playoff lives, when the Bengals went down 10-0, they threw in the towel. Bottom line. That final score was well after the Bengals stopped caring. I expect a totally different Bengals team on Saturday, where they load 8 and the box and make Sanchez beat them.

On Saturday Night (It’s alright for fighting, or so I’ve heard), I have to ride the hot hand that is “America’s Team”, The Dallas Cowboys. They’ve possibly played the best football in the league the past 3 weeks, and it’s hard to not like them in a rematch from last week’s game which had huge significance for both teams. With that being said, if DeSean Jackson breaks a big one early in the game to give the Eagles the lead- all bets are off and Uncle Mo is up for grabs again. I expect the game of the week here. About as physical a football game as you’ll see all playoffs.

I’m liking the Patriots over the Ravens in Sunday’s first game. Something tells me the Patriots are ready for the playoffs, and might have had their eyes on the playoffs since the now infamous 4 & 2 call on Sunday Night Football many weeks back. I like a close game until the 2nd half.

Finally, I like Green Bay. I think they are working on all cylinders right now, and if Charles Woodson can match up and at least contain Larry Fitz, the status of Anquan Boldin becomes vital to the Cardinals. In addition to that Aaron Rodgers has become an elite quarterback in this league, and that offensive line of his, who was allowing him to get punished the 1st half of the season, has finally begun to click. I like Green Bay.

Happy Football watching. I can’t remember a First Round in the NFL playoffs with this much uncertainty. Should be fun.


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