Zack Greinke: Mr. Charismatic

Did anyone catch the MLB Network interview with the new AL Cy Young winner the other night?

I knew Greinke had stress/emotional problems that kept him away from the game a few years back, but is it at least possible to speak confidentially and show level of social skills?

His mannerisim on camera is somewhere between a 9 year-old and a serial killer with peter pan syndrome (It’s a very thin line between both when you’re a baseball player in their late 20’s).

Smile dude- be happy- you just won the Cy Young and are marrying an ex-Cowboy cheerleader this weekend.

My favorite part of this interview is how Al Leiter and Harold Reynolds are like cheering him on like a little kid with the clapping.

I have stress related issues at work everyday. You play baseball and then go home to a model. SMILE ZACK!

Life is good Zack.


2 thoughts on “Zack Greinke: Mr. Charismatic

  1. I’m going to assume that you haven’t seen him speak much in the past…that WAS smiling enthusiasm, and it was a lot better than he used to be. I’m not trying to be sarcastic. The guy is so ridiculously uncomfortable in those sorts of situations that he comes off as pretty much what you said (somewhere between a 9 year-old and a serial killer), but cut him some slack – he’s making progress in an area that is extremely painful for him.

  2. I respect your point, and no I have no heard him speak much in the past. But it’s like “Come on man!”, you’re living the dream right now.

    People who seem to think the Yankee Empire should pursue this guy are nuts, he’d die with the NY Media.

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