Would Rain Delay Make Yankees Turn to CC in Game 6?

I’m just throwing that out there, judging from the fact that it’s been raining non-stop in New York City for nearly 24 hours now.

If Game 6, originally scheduled for Saturday night is postponed and pushed back to Sunday evening, would Yanks’ Skipper, Joe Girardi, consider pitching Sabathia on normal rest and bumping back Pettitte to either pitch a decisive Game 7, if a seemingly unbeatable Sabathia was to lose to the Angles in Game 6 or Game 1 of the Fall Classic on Wednesday?


It’s another tricky decision for manager Joe Girardi, who has been slammed with tough pitching staff decisions all ALCS. If he did decided to throw Sabathia, suddenly the Yankees would be in a position where the appearance would be that they are going for the jugular in Game 6. Obviously Pettitte is fully capable of pitching a great ballgame in a potential Game 7, but obviously Sabathia is now the ace of the Yankees staff. With that being said, a Sabathia loss in Game 6, would suddenly demoralize the Yankees to the point where the momentum shift would be so great that it would leave Girardi in a position where he could potentially become the scape goat for a 103-win season, and become the newest manager looking for a job in the off-season.

But on the other hand, throwing Pettitte in a rescheduled Game 6 on Sunday Night, could also lead Girardi bashers, to question “why not throw Sabathia?. He is your ace, why let this go to a Game 7?

So I guess the real loser in the case that a PPD occurs tonight would be Yankees Manager Joe Girardi. Damned if you do, and damned if you don’t. Joe has got another tought decision to make if the rain keeps falling here in New York.

UPDATED> 6.34PM and I just saw lightning and heard thunder for the first time during this rain storm. And the game has be postponed till Sunday Night….


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