Game 6 Can Have All The Excitment of a Game 7

The last two Game 6 have been quite eventful for the New York Yankees-

6-years ago, in the 2003 season, The Yankees came home to face the Red Sox in a pitching matchup that going into the game seemed as one-sided as possible for the post-season. Andy Pettitte vs. John Burkett. Burkett was not very good as assumed coming in, but neither was Pettitte. In a game that I always reference when it comes to having to be lucky as much as it does to be good in the MLB Playoffs, the Sox scored 2 in the 7th inning off of Jose Contreares, who had come on in relief. Here will press your memory a bit: That inning led off on a Nomar triple, who advanced home on an E7, on a play where the wind picked up an ungodly amount and the ball thrown back towards the infield never came close to hitting a cut off man.

As for the most recent Game 6 the Yankees had was in 2004… All I need to show is this


Lets not forget that the reason Schilling could even pitch in Game 6, was because of a rain out a few days early that bumped back Game 5. Eerily similar to the fact that the Angels might throw Mr. John Lackey on three days rest if they can force this series to a Game 7. Game 6 of 2004, almost missed the miracle train that the Red Sox rode in that amazing series, if it wasn’t for a Mark Bellhorn 3-run home run early in the game off of Yankee starter John Lieber, the game might have had been labeled one of those  great pitching duels, but instead, Schlling made himself a legend, and the Sox forced a Game 7 and eventually beat the Yankees on their way to their first Championship since 1918. (aww, I miss the 1918 chant). Let us not forget that this game also included the infamous Alex Rodriguez slap play and a 10-15 minute break because Yankee fans began throwing stuff on to the field and getting rowdy in response to that play.


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