It’s OBVIOUS, Jeff Fisher Wants Out

At a charity event in Tennessee on Tuesday night, for former rival and friend Tony Dungy, Jeff Fisher tore off his shirt to reveal a Indianapolis Colts #18, Peyton Manning jersey. First thing he said into the mic was “I wanted to fee like a winner”.

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Now listen, I understand it was a worthy event for a great friend, but a Peyton Manning jersey? In the midst of a winless season and coming off a 59-0 loss that people won’t forget about for a long time?

Personally, It’s no secret I’m a huge Yankees fan. It’s also no secret that I’m not a head coach, nor am I a player on a team- but I’m very conscience of when I where memorabilia of ANY OTHER BASEBALL TEAM. Maybe it’s superstition, maybe it’s a fear of a complete stranger would think I pledge my allegiance to another baseball team or city, but I’m fully aware of who the Yankees are playing or competing against when I throw on an opposing teams shirt/hat. I wouldn’t wear a Cleveland Browns hat to a Yankees/Indians game. I wouldn’t throw on a Phillies shirt, in the middle of the playoffs when the Yankees might play the Phillies and I sure as shit wouldn’t wear the jersey of my biggest division opponent in the midst of 0-6 season, where my team just got their brains bashed in 59-0.

Now I’m a 26 year old young man. Jeff Fisher is a 50-something old man. How am I aware of consequences and one of the smartest football coaches in the NFL isn’t?

I don’t buy it. Jeff Fisher wants out, and when he gets out, he’ll have his pick of the mill as to what job he wants. Cause he’s that good of a head coach.


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