A Long Day’s Journey Into October

So here it is. Yankee fans have waited two years for its team triumphant return to the playoffs, and here we go.

For the Yankees, the David vs. Goliath term fits oh so well with this series. After all, is anyone really giving Minnesota a shot?

I for one will not.

The Yankees SHOULD take this series easily, but as you know-the still have to play the games.

The Twins, who have been playing at a torrid place down the stretch have a starting rotation that even a quasi-strong baseball fan couldn’t name. Yet, despite their torrid pace, the Twins won’t be facing in the playoffs the likes of the Royals, White Sox, Indians, and the New York Mets…oops, I mean the Detroit Tigers, the big chokers in the 2009 baseball season. To me, this series does have some elements of the 2007 ALDS, in which the Yankees lost in 5 games to a heavy underdog in the Indians, but there was two large difference between those ’07 Indians and these ’09 Twins. One of the differences is a guy the Yankees will be sending to the mound tonight. Mr. Sabathia. Two was the dominate pitching of Fausto Carmona in that series, who was near unhittable. I guess you can add a third element that the Twins won’t have going for them that the Indians did, and that’s the midges of Jacobs Field/”The Prog”/Whatever we call it now a days.

The Twins have never had much success against the Yankees in… oh well the past 13 years. In addition to that, the team is 5-25 in New York in the Ron Gardenhire years. They lost all 7 games to the Yankees this season, including a four game sweep in the Bronx in May. Amazingly, during that sweep Morneau and Mauer tore the cover off the ball in the series, and without Morneau, the Twins will need a big series from Jason Kubel and Michael Cudddyer.

It SHOULD be Yankees in 3. If the Yankees manage to lose this series, I might not be back on the blog for a little while as I will need time to shake off the shell shock.

Here some more Division Series predictions:

Red Sox in 5 over Angels- As a Yankee fan, there’s nothing I least rather deal with than the angst of a Yanks-Sox ALCS, BUT, with that being said the Angels are one of those teams that seem to be so mentally incompetent in Boston it makes me want to shriek like a little girl. No matter what the Angels do, they can never seem to get the Sox number, so why should I believe this season is any different. Sox in 5, but you can chalk up an assist or two to Brian Fuentes, who ultimately will blow one or two saves in this series.


Cards in 4 over Dodgers- The Dodgers were at one point the best team in baseball for 1/2 the season. But a funny thing happened on the way to October. Juan Pierre was replaced in left-field by Manny Ramirez and suddenly the team completely lost a dynamic they were killing teams with. Granted this is Manny’s favorite time of year. When you face Carpenter-Wainwright in Games 1 and 2, you’re digging yourself a deep hole FAST. Although Albert has looked human like in recent weeks, I wouldn’t count on it going on for much longer.

Phils in 3 over Rockies- I get it- the Rockies have a great bullpen and great balanced lineup. I got that. But with Aaron Cook throwing in Game 2 and seemingly Jason Marquis throwing in Game 3, your bullpen and lineup can only do so much when you’re down 5 runs in the 3rd inning. Ubaldo Jimenez will need to pitch a couple games of a lifetime, and do the second one on three days rest if the Rockies have a shot. Cliff Lee, Cole Hamels, and JA Happ can arguably be the best top 3 starters on a team in this postseason. Phils should handle this one easily and avenge the embarrassment of the sweep they suffered at the Rockies hands in 2007.

Enjoy playoff baseball folks!


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