2009, Week 4: How Many Terrible Teams Are In The League?

All I can think about this Sunday is how wretched 1/2 the NFL seems this season. In addition to the teams I pronounced dead last week (Browns, Bucs, Redskins, Rams, Chiefs, and Panthers..some of which managed to look worse than they did last week), now you can add the likes of the Raiders, Bills, Seahawks, and most surprisingly of all The Tennessee Titans.

Now is it possible the Titans can reemerge and compete in the AFC? sure. But at 0-4…well put it this way, the Titans are in a dead lock tie with the Cleveland Browns and have now lost to the Jaguars and Texans in their division. Whether they want to, or not, it might be time to dust off their future Quarterback, Vince Young, and see what ole’ VY can do for his team.


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