NFL Week 2, Quick Hits…

Here some quick thoughts about this past week of NFL action, as we wave goodbye to Week 2 and prepare for Week 3.

I know it’s only Week 2, but it’s hard not be impressed with Mark Sanchez and begin to prepare for him to be the next rookie quarterback to find surprising success in his first season. Like Flacco and Ryan last season, Sanchez seems to have the wear-with-all to realize the style in which he needs to play for his team to win, which features clock management and possession of the ball. Sanchez was PERFECT on Sunday against the Patriots, in probably the most overly hyped Week 2 game in recent history. All week both teams took cracks at one another, back and forth, and on Sunday Sanchez dealt with the pressure. Although he’s not depended on in the same manner that Tom Brady is with his Patriots, Sanchez outplayed Brady. Hats off to the Jets Defense also, which has Rex Ryan’s stamp all over it already. It’s amazing how a pedistrain an all-time great quarterback can look, when he is running for his life in the backfield. The Jets, are off to a hot start with another HUGE tell tale sign of where this team stands coming up next week verse the Tennessee Titans.

Sanchez celebrates a victory that Jets fans have been waiting all winter for (

Sanchez celebrates a victory that Jets fans have been waiting all winter for (

Speaking of the Jets and Patriots, and watching the smoothness in which the Bills have played the past two weeks, is it possible that now the AFC East has dethroned the NFC East as the best division in football? Although I don’t think the Dolphins will have the success they had a year ago as I feel they are primed for a big let down season- The Bills, Pats, and Jets seem to stand pretty strong when compared to any  top-3 in another division.  As does the AFC South.

It’s become painfully obvious to me that Drew Brees has now leapfrogged Peyton Manning and Tom Brady to become the elite quarterback in the NFL. Granted his success this season has come against two very depleted teams, Brees is now in a league of his own when it comes to his array of skills at Quarterback. I think the Saints are in the NFC elite, but can their defense keep up with their phenominal Offense? That will be the lingering question the Saints will have to hear all season long.

In a make or break season for Redskins Quarterback Jason Campbell– Sunday against the Rams was a discouraging step backwards for Campbell and Skins’ fans. In a game that your team should win (HAS to win if you want to stick around in the NFC East), Campbell played a less than stellar game verse the Rams (a team who appears to be one of the worst in all of the NFL this season). Although he didn’t throw an interception (or a touchdown for that matter), a game against a sub-par opponent is the type of game where you’d like to see an establish quarterback  grab the game by the ‘juevos’ and prevent any chance of an upset. The Rams hung strong all day verse the Redskins, but came up short in the end, 9-7.

I’m a very big Browns fan, as some of you may know, and I was VERY anti the Eric Mangini signing. ESPECIALLY in an offseason that saw John Gruden and Mike Shannahan let go. Yet, the Browns brass decided to go with a guy who seemed so content with mediocrity in his postgame conferences with his former employer, the Jets, that it made me dizzy. And now the Browns find themselves 0-2 with two lackluster performances that already have Browns fans (who are beyond desperate to see a good football team) waiving the white flag. I would love to see a one and done for Mangini this season. FYI- The Browns have now score 1 Touchdown in their last 34 quarters of Football. How embarrassing….

The play Ray Lewis made to ice the Ravens 31-26 victory in San Diego on Sunday, was the sort of play that despite the diminishing speed and physical skills that come with age, makes Ray Lewis the emotional leader of the Ravens’ team. It’s that sort of leadership that made me and many other people scratch their head when the Eagles decided to let Brian Dawkins leave the team. You think they missed Dawkins today? In a day which say Drew Brees light them up for 48 points?

That's Ray-Ray making the game winning play (CBS Sports)

That's Ray-Ray making the game winning play (CBS Sports)

That was a very gutsy win from the Bears this week against the Steelers. As much as I found his  him behavior childish this offseason, I think Jay Cutler is my favorite quarterback to watch in the NFL. He wears all his emotions on his sleeve, has an arm that is a gift from god, and has a propensity to comeback late games. He has a lot of Brett Favre in him, with a shorter fuse. Lets just hope in 10-12 years when he retires, he does it ONE TIME.

Speaking of the Steelers, you can see why they might be better than they were last season. They’ve seemed rusty at times so far this season, but when this team hits its mid-season form, I’m not sure that anyone else in the AFC can stand with them. Also, it appears as if Santonio Holmes has become the #1 receiver, and Hines Ward is becoming more and more of a second option on plays.

I don’t care what anyone says, Chad Ochocinco is a cool dude. Did you see “Hard Knocks”? Dude is beyond funny and it’s obvious he just wants to contribute on a winning team. His Lambeau Leap on Sunday was good, and this clip from Hard Knocks a few weeks ago was even better.

On that note, have a great week of work. Happy Monday.


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