In Case You Missed It…

Mark Teixeria on David Letterman… Enjoying watching Mark knock the ball down 53rd street, just a few blocks from No Whammies Sports Headquarters.

Mark has been in the middle of a lot of MVP talk recently, but I’m not sure that it’s something that is realistic when one of the other candidates is his teammate Derek Jeter. Although Mark is very worthy of a nomination at this point in the season (how many game winning hits has he had this season/month?), Yankee fans probably are still bitter over the 2006 MVP voting, when it seemed Jeter was primed to win the award, only to fall short of Minnesota Twins first basemen Justin Morneau. Other AL MVP talk is centering around the Tigers Miguel Cabrera, and someone who is quickly shaping up to be the best pure hitter at the catcher position we’ve ever seen in Joe Mauer, but both those players would most likely need to lead their team to the playoffs to gather that honor.

Speaking of Derek Jeter…

Outside of the Yankees getting thumped today by the Rangers in the rubber game of a three game series. The other big news coming out of Yankee land is the New York Post reporting today that Derek Jeter is finally engaged. I never thought I’d see the day, but here are some pictures of the lovely lady he’s allegedly marrying, actress Minka Kelly. Both camps deny any marriage, but the New York Post wouldn’t lie to their readers….or would they?



As for the Yankees, they look to redeem themselves, not just for the past three games verse the Rangers, but the terrible series they played in Chicago a few weeks back, as they take on the White Sox this weekend at “The New House”.

Yankees will send big CC to the mound on Friday night to face off against Mr. Perfect, Mark Buherle.


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