No Whammies Sports B’ Gettin’ Hits

But for the weirdest reasons.

Us at No Whammies Sports are very proud to have all the clicks we’ve been getting.

We’re also proud to announce that most of them are from when people ‘google image’ certain players or people.

Below is the ALL-TIME list of google searches that had lead to my page.

Picture 1

As you’ll see, the picture of Jason Giambi signing a woman’s breast has been a huge success for No Whammies Sports, when it comes to getting hits. Nice Work to the lady in the trucker hat.

Honorable mention to the akward, Joe Flacco picture I found of him in Delaware. Looking daper after a two-a-day practice.

And very quickly climbing up the charts is the picture I found on the internet of Morgana “The Kissing Bandit”, from an autograph session in the 1980’s (or at least I would bet all my money it’s the 1980’s).

Also of note is my comparison to Dodgers Starting Pitcher, Chad Billingsley to a Centaur. Which has been checked out by many recently, mostly by Dungeon and Dragons players as oppose to baseball fans.

Either way, it’s been a fun 9+ months here at No Whammies Sports, so thanks for the support and apologies for not always updating as often as I should.

Salute and have a great weekend.


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