Vick? Eagles?

Who saw that one coming?

Just hours into what was for several teams the pre-season opener, the NFL gets it’s first huge news story of the season.

Michael Vick has signed a 2-year contract to back up Donavan McNabb in Philadelphia. The move was announced during the Eagles 1st preseason game against the Patriots. A game which saw Tom Brady take his first snaps since Week 1 of the 2009 season.

The NFL was once in the palm of the amazingly talented Vick.

The NFL was once in the palm of the amazingly talented Vick.

The signing of Vick comes as a huge surprise to Eagles fans. Earlier this week they lost their back up Quarterback Kevin Kolb to an injured left knee, and although the severity of the injury is still unknown, it’s is becoming apparent that perhaps Kolb injured it worse than expected.

For the Eagles, the move could be viewed as threatening to Donavan McNabb. But McNabb’s ego aside, Vick is a great fit as a backup to the oft injured McNabb, who has gone through several knee surgeries throughout his career. McNabb, after every injury is viewed as past his prime, only to reemerge again and again as one of the top QB’s in the sport. Vick offers a great safety net for an Eagles team that relies heavily on the play making of Donavan McNabb and Running back, Brian Westbrook. If anything should happen to McNabb, Vick would offer the same package of talents McNabb posses, quite possibly with more athleticism. The only problem is Vick doesn’t have the knowledge or experience of Donavan McNabb, who is one of the great quarterbacks in the game.

As for Vick, the road to reestablishing his career will begin in Philadelphia.

Vick, who at one time was widely considered the most exciting football player on the planet (including by yours truly), because of his allusiveness in the pocket, uncanny speed, and ability to create a play when he couldn’t possibly make a play, was recently released after two years in prison for his mistreatment of dogs. Now Vick will be looked upon by many to redeem his star-crossed career, which all cam crashing into his lap a couple years ago. The boos will be relentless and unmerciful, and mostly rightfully so. But at least he won’t have to worry about being mistreated by Philadelphia Eagles fans, arguably the most vicious in the league.

Should be an interesting story to watch unfold in 2009.

Here’s a flashback to what an amazing athlete Vick WAS. We’ll see if he still has the speed and ability to play in the coming months.


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