A Week Passes and Still No Word From Ortiz?

Let us not forget that this guy has tested positive for a banned substance in 2003, and is still yet to comment on it, offer an apology or an explanation for his involvement.

This is the same test where Alex Rodriguez was publicly embarrassed for in February.

Seems as if Ortiz would rather stay silent and hope that this story fades away in the midst of a very exciting baseball season, instead of confront this thing head on.


2 thoughts on “A Week Passes and Still No Word From Ortiz?

  1. Dude, if you’re looking for a REAL story to investigate how about you look into the kid gloves the media has passed from Favre to Rothlesberger.

    An alleged rape WITH ABSOLUTELY ZERO OUTRAGE?!?! Or how about the double standard with which his apology/denial was taken compared to Kobe and others.

    write about that douche, leave Ortiz and a 6 year old test that said he took 1 of hundreds of band substances alone.

  2. Rothlesberger probably didnt rape that girl. She just took advantage of the situation. Ortiz however, and the steroid era debacle that no one wants to talk about but everyone wont stop talking about did ruin my childhood. Look, maybe everyone else knew that something was going on with these massive behemoths of ball players but I was 12. I was entranced by this beautiful game that all other generations were allowed to enjoy without this kind of scandal and now that the truth is slowly (like chinese water torture) spilling out I would appreciate at least an apology. The asterisk debate is something completely different. I looked up to these players as role models, as heroes, as my generations greats only to find later that they were lying to me. All I ask for is an apology (a sincere apology please) and personally I think that that is letting them off extremely easy

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