Have Faith Yankees Fans, It’s only June 11th

Dear Yankees Fans,

You’re 0-8 verse the Red Sox this season. You got 11 games to go with them. It’s June 11th. There’s TONS of baseball left. DON’T PANIC

Remember when the Red Sox were a team that you always beat in the last innings. Remember when they turned all the bad luck they’ve had against you upside down? Things go in waves. Teams are good and own other teams, and then it flips. It flips quickly (ie- 2004 ALCS).

Baseball is a funny sport. It’s a marathon, not a race. Many people haven’t even began their summer yet. Even more people are yet to make summer plans. The weather will warm up, the beach will become a popular place. Fourth of July will come around, with fireworks and a sea of red, white and blue. Summer concerts will draw in 100,000’s of people in your near by surroundings. Ice cream will be popular again. Football training camps will begin. August will arrive. Perhaps you finally plan that vacation. Head to a beach somewhere, have a great time, post pictures of facebook of you smiling in the sun with a beer in your hand and sunglasses on. Probably get your first bad sunburn of the year. Maybe if you’re lucky it will turn into a tan. The humidity will become unbearable. Air Conditionings will be running all day long. Maybe you decide to make a homemade pair of Jorts to combat the heat (Yes, JORTS. That’s jeans where you cut them to form shorts). Electric bills will go sky high because the AC is constantly on. Probably not as high as the price of gas, (Can you say $4 dollars a gallon again).

Then suddenly, you’ll see the it in the distance and hear the grumblings on the streets. People start talking about starting up work again, starting up school again, how great/ mediocre a summer it “WAS”. Quickly the beach crowds will die down. Those summer places in shore towns up and down the east coast will begin to border-up for the winter. Everyone trying to get one last gasp of that summer air. Children will say goodbye to camp mates, the humidity will disappear. People will return to their homes and hometowns. The weather will begin to dip slowly. It’s Labor Day and  you will say goodbye to another summer…and after all that time- THEIR WILL STILL BE A MONTH PLUS OF BASEBALL SEASON LEFT


Baseball is a very long season. Anything can and will happen. 0-19 in the regular season could end up 4-0 in the ALCS. It feels like an eternity ago, but just A MONTH ago, fans were panicking just like this. The Yankees are too old, too slow, not motivated, lacked desire. Nick Swisher was the only guy who cared.

A month later their red hot, can’t lose, fighting during every at bat, winning in walk off fashion on the “reg”. And Nick Swisher was the only guy who couldn’t hit the ball.

And now this baseball season presents yet another challenge for the Yankees. They seemingly can’t beat the Red Sox. Deal with it Yankees fans. You’re seeing the Yankees fight. You’re seeing the Yankees scrap. You’re seeing them getting annoyed with the losing to the Sox. Believe me, I know you think you’re the “Super Fan”, but I’m sure the guys wearing the uniforms are as sick and tired of this as you are, probably more so. The Red Sox and Yankees AREN’T light years apart from each other even with the lopsided head-to-head record. The Sox have just simply gotten the best of you so far this season. They’ve been better than you head to head. Give credit where credit is due, but don’t overreact. It’s 3 games in early June, it’s 8 games in a season of 162. You’re still only 2 games back of first place. Relax.

Time will tell if the Yankees will overcome it. But just a reminder to Yankee fans out there….

It’s a long season. The finish line is in Autumn, and baseball is not as predictable as everyone wishes it was, so be patient and have faith.


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