UPDATE: Peavy says “no” to Chicago

Jake Peavy has axed down the deal that would send him to the Chicago White Sox, sources say.

Peavy, who has always been very opinionated when it comes to teams, and places he will and will not play for,  has a strong preference to stay in the National League, according to sources.

For the White Sox, it means that they will not be adding a bonafide ace to their rotation. The White Sox, who played a memorable game verse the Twins this afternoon, losing 20-1, might want to think twice about a “win now” attitude. Their roster is loaded with players who are about as old and unflexable as an aging body-builder. The White Sox were said to have been willing to part ways with their two top pitching prospects, in exchange for Peavy, the 2007 Cy Young Winner. Who knows? Maybe this veto is a blessing in disguise, for a team who can contend for the AL Central, but isn’t much fit to do more than that.

As for the Padres, they will go back to the ole’ drawing board and try to find a place for Jake Peavy to pitch, if there even is one. Peavy, who’s short list of places he would consider pitching includes very few destinations, and even fewer likely possibilies as he’s made it clear he would pitch in Houston, Atlanta, and not many other places, (for either team to add Peavy would be a questionable move).

To me, I raise an eye-brow to pitchers who seemingly prefer the “coushy-ness” of Southern California. To me it speaks about their mental toughness. Although, no doubt Peavy, when on the mound is as nasty looking a pitcher as their is in the bigs, his preference to stay in the south and not pitch in the American Leauge, makes him look…for lack of a better saying, like a wuss.

Tommy LaSorda always says, “On my gravestone I want it to read, Dodger Stadium was his address, but all the ballparks were his home”.

Well for Peavy, his address-is his home, and it’s going to take the Padres some patience, compromising and some rosary beads, to change that reality.

So what was bound to be the first blockbuster trade of the Major League season, will be laid to rest.

Better luck with the next trade attempt Kevin Towers.

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