Peavy to White Sox???

This just in-

According to multiple sources, the San Diego Padres are on the brink of sending the face of their franchise, Starting Pitcher Jake Peavy, to the Chicago White Sox. The deal just awaits Peavy’s approval.

Cardinals Padres Baseball

Peavy, who in the past has been very specific about teams he would and would not play for, now has the power to approve or veto the deal.

In return the Padres would receive any number of White Sox prospects- but Peter Gammons is reporting that it would NOT involve the White Sox #1 prospect, Shortstop Gordon Beckham.

Peavy, certainly a guy who is as dominate a pitcher as their is in the league (he’s second in ERA by a starting pitcher since 2007, only behind Johan), would bring stability to a White Sox rotation that dealt away Javy Vazquez in the off-season and never tried to replace him. The fact that Gavin Floyd and John Danks have struggled, hasn’t helped the White Sox rotation either. Peavy would create stability there- but the one thing Peavy can’t fix is the White Sox -, station to station, lineup that they run out there everyday… I’ve literally seen this team open up innings with three singles in a row, and watch them not be able to score in that frame. That’s the team’s biggest problem.

Oh well, none of this opinion matters until Peavy approves the deal- we’ll wait and see. The proverbial ball is in Peavy’s court.


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