There’s Something About Ian

Can someone tell me why Texas Rangers’ second basemen, Ian Kinsler, has become the whipping boy of the American League?

Other than his weird face

Other than his weird face, what is it about Ian and being thrown at?

A week ago Bobby Jenks throws behind him and ADMITS that he did it on purpose.

Then today, all-star, John Lackey, who was making his first appearance of the season, threw just two pitches before he was tossed. His first pitch was behind Kinsler, the second one hit him square in the ribs.

Whatever it is pitchers are trying to do with him, it is not working. Ian Kinsler continues to mash. .314, 11 Home Runs, 31 RBI’s, 9 stolen bases, and a on base percentage of .380. In an American League with tons of young talent at second-base, Kinsler has been the cream of the crop.

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