Super Melky

After last night’s heroics from Melky Cabrera, and the excitement Brett Gardener brought to the game with his inside the park home run, how about instead of benching either Gardner or Melky every single game, Girardi considers benching Nick Swisher for a day or two.



Both Melky and Gardner have been getting the job done the last week, yet Swisher’s previously written about slump continues to get worse. Even more baffling is the continuation of hitting Swisher 6th in the lineup, in-front of Robbie Cano and Melky both. Last night it almost caught Girardi, as Swisher came up with the bases loaded late in the game, and didn’t drive in a run.

Sit down Nick for a couple days- let him relax and regain his composure (he hasn’t had a day off since April), and get Melky and Gardner in the lineup while they got the hot hand.

Joba on the bump at 1pm vs. the Twins.


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