Burnett-Halladay Lock Horns in Toronto

Monday, May 12th’s most anticipated match-up is up in Toronto, where A.J. Burnett and Roy “Doc” Halladay square off, in a battle of former teammates. Burnett, in recent years has remarked on how much he learned from pitching with Halladay over the years. How Halladay taught him, that he didn’t need to overthrow.



Now tonight, while Burnett might have the much larger bank account, Halladay is widely considered the cream of the crop when it comes to pitchers in the American League. The two face off in the pitching duel of the night, eight years after Burnett pitched his infamous 8-walk, no hitter in 2001.

Beyond the pitching match-up, is the Jays first shot at a legitimate AL East opponent. Meanwhile the Yankees, will look to put the surging, first-place Jays into the place most ‘experts’ (including non-experts like myself) predicted them to be. Below mediocre. The Yankees, will be looking to string some wins together, and start to find some consistency.

My prediction? Often times these pitching match-ups don’t end up the way they look on paper. Most of the memories I have of Halladay facing the Yankees, is him cursing out teammates in the dugout for not scoring him enough runs. Tonight, I take the over, on runs scored, and a Yankees win. Should be a fun one to watch.


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