Before Yankees fans can panic, team picks up pace

Sports radio was un-listenable to any Yankees/baseball fan with half a brain earlier in the week. Complaints about how the Yankees were on a highway to mediocrity were lighting up the boards on sports-talk radio stations across our great city. But before this idiots who wait on hold for hours to embarrass themselves in front of an audience of hundreds of thousands listeners could embarrass themselves anymore, the Yankees, with in a 24-hour span, were back to .500.

My only hope is that the idiots who forget this season is 162 games, lose their cellphones or can’t pay their bills on that phones- people who panic after 2 games in a 162 game season need help, and should pay more attention to their own personal lives. The Yankees will be fine and in the race for a playoff spot all year long…trust me.

I think the long road trip that the Yankees season has kicked off with, is a blessing in disguise. This road trip gives Teixeria and C.C. the opportunity to get comfortable wearing the hefty Yankees jersey and build up points with the inpatient fans (Boo birds) that make all Yankee fans look like morons.


Pretty good chance this guy couldn't name the Yankees' current center-fielder- but has a bumper sticker that says "Red Sox Suck"

With almost a week in the books, here’s some observations I’ve made…

– I’ve seen both Cliff Lee (SP, Cleveland Indians) starts, and it’s amazing to me how much the reigning AL Cy Young Winner is beginning to look like Barry Zito. He’s got a fastball that never clocks in over 91 and that he can’t locate or throw for strike one, and a curve ball that he’s throwing belt high. If Lee can’t win 15 games this season for an Indians team who’s very reliant on him…Well, at least the Cavs are looking good right about now.



– Watching the American League East thus far, I get the feeling the five best teams in all of baseball might be in it.

– A friend (thank you Mr. Lawlor), sent me this stat from last season and I think it’s pretty remarkable…

as he told me- “Defense can make your pitching better. Last year, the Rays had 70 percent of their innings pitched by the same pitchers as in 2007 and allowed 243 less runs. Upton in center, Gomes gone, Delmon gone, Iwamura at 2nd, Bartlett at short, and Longoria at 3rd. Crawford and Bartlett have more range than anyone in baseball”

Will any team this season be able to emulate this formula?

– Lou Pinella will burn out this bullpen he has by early August if he keeps making pitching changes at this rate.


– Marlins are looking great so far, but I’d like to see them face a pitcher who knows what they’re doing. In addition to that Hanley Ramirez is quickly becoming the worst fielding short-stop in the game. Still, with one hand Hanley giveth and with one he taketh away…what an awesome hitter he is.

– Tough week for Brewers hitters this week. they had to face (in order) Lincecum, Randy Johnson, Matt Cain, and Rich Harden, and tonight Carlos Zambrano…They have to be craving a series with the Pirates at this point.

– Speaking of the Pirates, the likes of Ian Snell, Paul Maholm, and Zack Duke must have a death wish for Albert Pujols at this point? Fat Albert is hitting .429 (15/35) vs. Ian Snell, .526 (10/19) vs. staff “ace” Paul Maholm, and .440 (11/24) vs. Zack Duke. In comparrison, Pujols anemic .353 batting average (6/17) verse another Pirates’ starter, Tom Gorzelanny, look pedestrian.

And last but not lease, MLB Network is the greatest gift a baseball fan has ever had. The fact that I haven’t watched SportsCenter in about 3 weeks, has been wonderful. No more Steve Bethuane, and no more stupid catch phase home run calls. Thank you to all the kind people at MLB Network. This week Bob Costas calls Yankees’ Opening Day with Jim Kaat- should be great to hear Costas, for what I think is the first baseball game he’s called since the 1999 World Series.


One thought on “Before Yankees fans can panic, team picks up pace

  1. according to that SI article I lifted that stat from, look for the Mariners to emulate the Rays model on run prevention. they’ve acquired 2 guys who have traditionally been regarded as 4th outfielders (and hit like 4th outfielders), Endy Chavez and Franklin Guittierez. Both guys have outstanding range, as do Adrian Beltre and Jose Lopez. The key differences may be the lack of young hitting prospects, a rangey shortstop and a strong back end of the bullpen. Tampa Bay’s success could be attributed to the arms of Balfour, Howell, and Wheeler as much as the improved defense. And don’t forget – Carlos Pena can pick it as well as anyone over at first – it remains to be seen if Russell Branyan can do that for the M’s.

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