Sure bet Alex wishes he was wearing the more logical red, white, and blue in WBC

With this recent shiner that Alex Rodriguez’s PR is dealing with, don’t you think he sure wishes he HAD NOT decided to play for the Dominican Republic in the 2009 World Baseball Classic?

As I stated before on this blog, if any American born player was given the opportunity to pick which team to play for at this event, they all would have chosen to play for the United States team. All, of course with exception for Alex Rodriguez, because as of five days ago, Alex loved to be the headline to any story he could. (

Well, hopefully for Yankee fans, the sun has set on those days, the same way the sun has set on Alex being baseball’s White Knight, riding away with the home run record without ever facing a cloud of doubt on whether he was clean. Now Alex can hopefully turn his focus towards baseball…theoretically.

Can’t wait to hear the reception he receives, when he’s playing for Team Dominica, here in the United States ballparks during the World Baseball Classic!

My prediction, he decides to skip out on this event in the coming days, or maybe he switches teams in the 7rh inning of a decisive U.S. game, and wins it for them with a glorified 400+ ft. home run. After all this World Baseball Classic is really just a giant advertisment for baseball.


One thought on “Sure bet Alex wishes he was wearing the more logical red, white, and blue in WBC

  1. This isn’t Fitz I’m just too lazy to edit those fields.

    Dude WTF, update your blog. Gimme some insight into the Yanks spring training, all we hear is A-Rod bs and Jeter’s comments on A-Rod. You gotta be my anti-Sportscenter

    upon further review Fitz agrees with everything I just wrote, so he will gladly take credit for this post

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