A-Rod Speaks

“There was a lot of people, doing lots of things”, and “You felt a need to keep up”. Where the two big quotes that stuck with me on Alex Rodriguez’s interview with Peter Gammons earlier today.

Yes, there had to be a need to keep up for a large majority of the players during the era. I’ve been saying this since the day the Mitchell Report became as well known as the “Suicide Squeeze”. How can you punish baseball players for doing steroids, when everyone else was doing it and it wasn’t against the rules of baseball?

The superstars who are found guilty usually apologize, but the catch is the F.P. Santagelo’s and Randy Velarde’s of the baseball world, don’t need to. If I could take a drug that I suspected everyone in my work world was already on, and it could create results, why wouldn’t I do it? At least for a short period to see how I reacted to do it. Why wouldn’t I? Why wouldn’t you?

And speaking of Jose Canseco. He needs to be acknowledged as the man who has brought baseball down. We all laughed at him, when he said he was going to write this book. And we continued to laugh at him, when he went on his publicity exploits about his new career as a respect “author”, and so far Jose Canseco is batting 1.000. I even recall “Pardon the Interruption’s”, Tony Kornheiser, making a joke the day prior to the last time anyone saw Mark McGwire about the chances that McGwire punches Jose Canseco in the face,  on that now historic afternoon on Capitol Hill in 2005. And now, who is laughing? Canseco has more credibility than Alex Rodriguez, Mark McGwire, Roger Clemens, and Raphael Palmerio…combined.

For the first time in my life I agree with Curt Schilling. Baseball, the players union, and the people who love this game dearly and are so sick and tired of talking about steroids, should not be victims of whoever the leak is on these steroids test of 2003.

Why should we have to fall victim, to the fact that whenever this leak wants to make news during a slow news cycle, he/she can drop another name and create front page news?

There’s 103 other players out there who tested positive in 2003. That was almost six years ago from now, yet as long as these names are kept in secret, every February- when the Super Bowl ends, and there’s little to no news to report, we most likely will get slapped with another baseball star’s name, to remind us all of the grim pass in baseball’s ‘Steroids Era’.

No matter how many years pass, until all those names are unleashed, we will always be reminded of the 2003 random and “confidential” steroids test.

My preparation for this: Suspect everyone from 1996-2004 was on steroids, this way I can’t be disappointed.

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