A D Ball for A-Rod

E Tu A-Rod?

So the cat’s out of the bag, the biggest superstar in the sport, a man who will without a doubt (numbers wise) go down as one of the best players to ever throw on a baseball jersey, tested positive for anabolic steroids in 2003, while on the Texas Rangers, and leading the league in home runs according to Sports Illustrated on Saturday morning.

At this point, I’m not sure how Mr. Rodriguez will play this fiasco. A man who always seems to care what sort of standards he bares in the eyes of the public, is now faced with the same sort of asterisk talk, that he’s seen ruin the career of many of his contemporaries in the home run era. Will he be wise and come clean the way his former teammate Andy Pettitte did? Will he fire out vague aplogize, like former teammate Jason Giambi did? Will he try the deny his way to Capitol Hill, the way former teammate Roger Clemens did? Will he not comment on the issue, and constantly face the scruitiny, the way Mark McGwire did? Or will he come up with his own, new, unique procedure, to respond to an ever growing dilema in baseball?

Testing positive for steroids in 2003, is quite surprising considering this is six years pass the great home run chase, which left America feeling betrayed by Mark McGwire and Sammy Sosa, and two seasons after Barry Bonds, shattered that single-season home run mark, under an ever growing cloud of suspicion that grows darker and thicker by the day.

I’m not sure how this changes A-Rod’s legacy or how history books will percieve him. Who can?

But as far as what people think of him currently, little will change.

He’ll still be the most hated man in baseball. The fans of every other team in baseball will continue to loathe him, and he will still be pandering to a large portion of the Yankee fan base come the 2009 season. A fan base in which Alex never seems to be able to do enough for.

Alex Rodriguez did steroids in 2003  (at least that’s the way it appears now), and I think it’s time that baseball fans turn the blind eye to the use of performance enhancing drugs.

Most the league was most likely on steroids for a good portion of the era. Alex was just one of 104 players picked out by MLB in 2003 to test positive. But he’s the big one.

My advice: Don’t hold any of your baseball heroes to high in regards, he might be the next one who shows up with an asterisk.

And so, Alex Rodrgiuez begins yet another chapter in his unique, larger than life, biography. Questions he will now need to face, not just today and tomorrow, but even as he stands on the podium 20 years down the road in Cooperstown.

One thought on “A D Ball for A-Rod

  1. Well, this answers the question I posed in response to the article you wrote about McGwire. The Mt. Rushmore of steroid use in baseball will have the faces of McGwire, Bonds, Clemens and now Rodriguez. At this point, and I could be biased as a Yankee fan, I could really care less about who did what back when. Testing is in place, consequences are steep and I for one would like to move on. Everyone is to blame and any record broken or created during the 90’s to the mid-2000’s should be precluded with a steroid era disclaimer “reader be aware”. The new and now most annoying problem with the sport will be every sport media channel, magazine, and radio-show beating an already dead story to death. We get it BASEBALL PLAYERS DID STEROIDS! If Rodriguez was smart he would just come clean, admit EVERYTHING and let people say what they want. If he tells the truth, he defuses any more investigating, he’s already the most hated player, what difference is this going to make? At this juncture he could score huge points with his teammates by keeping the media from sniffing around. Torre’s book has already caused enough of a distraction and spring training hasn’t even started.

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