ESPN continues to exagerate story. More Torre talk…

ESPN, is today reporting that Joe Torre,during yesterday’s interview on WFAN, New York with Mike Francesa, said that when Roger Clemens fired a bat at Mike Piazza during the 2000 World Series, may have in fact been “roid-rage”.

The only problem with ESPN’s headline is that it is TOTALLY WRONG AND TAKEN OUT OF CONTEXT. The worldwide leader in sports never gets it right.

I listened to the interview live yesterday, and can tell you that it was Mike Francesa who insinuated that Roger, might have been in a roid-rage, when he chucked a shattered bat at the feet of Mike Piazza in Game One of the 2000 Fall Classic. Torre, never confirmed or denied Francesa’s comment, he raced by it, but was quick to mention how Bob Gibson use to get that fired up to pitch also, and that ‘obviously’, Bob Gibson was never on steroids.

Now ESPN is claiming that Torre was the one who insinuated that Clemens was in a roid rage.

(Here’s the link to hear it for yourself…

It’s time for people to realize that ESPN is the Access Hollywood of Sports. It has become painfully obvious in recent years that 24 hours of straight coverage of anything (sports, politics, the market, food, etc), is more of a detriment to their topic, that it is a benefit. Just stay home from work one day and see how many times you see the words, “Breaking News”. It will astonish you.
Here’s a great example of the sort of hard hitting “Breaking News”, ESPN will interrupt their original schedule for…


A NASCAR driver, who needs hand surgery. I’m not sure I could think of a less important topic in the sports world, or NASCAR for that matter.

I rest my case.

As a sports fan, it’s your duty to try to read pass the headlines ESPN feeds you, and put it into your own context.

One thought on “ESPN continues to exagerate story. More Torre talk…

  1. Great take on ESPN coverage. I couldn’t agree more.
    They’ve got a lot of time to kill, you know?

    As a writer, journalist I can see just how easy it is to take things out of context and mold them into a firestorm.

    So true too that covering anything 24/7 makes for “manufacturing” of the news.

    I fall asleep to Sports Center anymore.
    The personalities are also over-rated.

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