Al Harrington and LeBron James duel

You can’t argue that the Knicks are a mere mediocre team in a mediocre NBA. But watching them in recent weeks, it’s hard to argue that they’ll ever lose a game due to a lack of effort under Mike D’Antoni’s watch.


Tonight on night three of four at Madison Square Garden’s self-proclaimed, “Dream Week”, the Knicks playing LeBron and the Cavs. And for four quarters the Knicks hung with what is arguably the best team in the NBA, fighting and scrapping as hard as they could to stay within a team who has the most talented, well rounded player the game has seen since Magic Johnson. In the end the Knicks fell 107-102.

Lebron’s 52 points, 10 rebounds, 11 assists were, and two block shots, were a treat to watch. He’s a rare physical specimen and the sort of basketball player that is spell-bounding to watch. To all the folks out there, that say “oh college sports is so much better of a game”, I beg you to watch someone like LeBron James and not be in awe of his physical ability, or the way he seems to hang in the air when he shoots, or the fact that no matter how hard he gets fouled on his way to the hoop, he still gets a great look off, because he’s 6’8″ and 250-pounds. fyi- The last player to have a triple double with 50 points, was Kareem Abdul-Jabar in 1975.

For the Knicks, Al Harrington was every bit as impressive as LeBron James for three and a half quarters tonight. Harrington cashed in on 37 points with 12 rebounds, and for stretches of the game, was the only Knick keeping there fingertips on the proverbial thread they were hanging from. But in the end, LeBron proved to strong.

LeBron, who before the game tried to downplay talks of matching Kobe’s 61 from the other night, was clearly looking to score big points. Looking to shoot exclusively in the first quarter, and holding the ball for most the night with the basket in his sights. And in the end he wasn’t that far from topping Kobe, and seemed comfortable playing in the New York City spotlight…I’m trying to go somewhere with that comment. Maybe 2010?

Although it was another loss for the Knicks, as they continue to stay two arm’s lengths away from the .500 mark on the season, tonight was a hard fought game in which a team who’s not that good can hang a hat on and they kept the fans entertained.

Moral victories are almost as good as victories…right?

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