Skin The Bears

A friend of mine showed me this a few years ago. The backstory behind this awful moment in the history of the world, was that this was the New England Patriots response to the Chicago Bears’, “Super Bowl Shuffle”. Needless to say, after watching this, it really is amazing that this didn’t set the Patriots franchise into bankruptcy or relocating to another city. This video is probably the low point in Patriots franchise history. Yes, even worse than losing 46-10 in that seasons Super Bowl.



2 thoughts on “Skin The Bears

  1. Give me a break. Guess who? Yes it is I. News flash. It will probably come as no surprise to you that this song was written in a few hrs. It was all done in fun and at the time i was not a sports fan. We were approached to do this as an answer to the Bears Superbowl Shuffle. So i went out and purchased a news paper or two and did what i could. We also had nothing to do with the filming, i mean please, who makes something like this and uses un-enthusiastic people in it…. HELLO…. We all knew what the out come was gonna be but what the hey, any proceeds were going to go to Charity if things went in our favor….. So instead of sitting there being the ASS that you are, trying to be somebody you’ll never be….. Kick back,,,,Chill,,,, and smile…. My Video no mater how bad will be around longer than what you had to say ……..OH YEA and GET A LIFE!!!

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