Manny Being Manny

In this economic climate, where 100,000 people have been estimated to have been laid off in the past month. Manny Ramirez continues to wait for someone to outbid the one and only team who is still interested in him, and as he does that he continues to hurt his reputation as a player (not that Manny ever did care about that anyway).

Manny, who during last season was said to be looking for a 4 year/$100-million contract, turned down a 1 yr/$25-million dollar offer this morning from the Dodgers. He initially turned down a 2 year/$45-million dollar contract earlier this off-season. And now, with pitchers and catchers reporting in 10 days (Thank god), Manny is still without a home, and waiting for another team to swoop in and give him the sort of money that he some how thinks teams are willing to spend in this day in age.

Perhaps Manny will create his own league to play in this season.

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