Highlights from Super Bowl XLIII

Oh those Steelers. I tried to will a Cardinals victory, but it didn’t work. And now, The Steelers have their sixth (1,2,3,4,5,6) Super Bowl title, Ben Rothlisberger  has had the sort of game winning drive (and perfect pass into the endzone for six) that will make him a hero figure for Steelers generations to come, and I’m blind with annoyance about the Steelers success.

The big news tomorrow (or controversy, since ESPN LOVES controversy) will be why the last play wasn’t reviewed. I’m not sure how it wasn’t reviewed, nor do I think it would have made a difference. But the games should be called down the line, not matter how many people rush the field or how much confetti falls to the ground. That play needed to be reviewed and post-game celebrations needed to wait until that happened.

Anyway, overall a very entertaining football. Not the high drama of last year, nor did it have the anticipation of last years game, but none the less, in the upper tier of great Super Bowl games.

So now the Super Bowl is over, and football season falls to the back of the line. More sad than that, is the amount of snacks and junk food I have left over from hosting a Super Bowl “gathering” for four, and purchasing snacks for 24.

Anyone got plans for the Pro Bowl next weekend?

Here some other highlights from my Super Bowl Sunday:

– I didn’t think that was Bruce’s best performance, but if you liked it- go see a concert of his. He’s an iconic figure in Rock N’ Roll history.

– The 12 text messages I received in the 20 minutes during halftime. Yes I was excited to see Bruce.

– The fact my mother TEXT MESSAGED me from Puerto Rico about 10 times during the game, to tell me how much she was loving the game. Moms and football?

– The fact that Buffalo Wings and Tums being is almost a better combo than Buffalo Wings and Blue Cheese.

– Every Super Bowl commercial where some one gets hit in the nuts, falls down, or explodes….not as funny as the first time I’ve seen it done, but still keeping it’s head above water.

– Seeing that Richard Dean Anderson is still alive and well.

– An hour long “The Office”, after the Super Bowl

– And last but not least, how about NBC’s panel of 14 analysis?

No joke, I was considering writing a little blog entry 2 months ago about how ridiculous their one hour show was during the season, because there was a panel of 8. So what does NBC do drum up Super Bowl coverage? Double their on air cast.

Bring in, Bob Costas, Cris Collinsworth, Matt Millen, Dan Patrick, Keith Olberman, Jerome Bettis, Tiki Barber, Andrea Kramer, Alex Flanigan (aka- The other chick with blonde hair), Mike Holmgren, Tony Dungy, Peter King. Not to mention John Madden and Al Michaels calling the game. Is NBC serious??? The only thing missing was if they kicked off their pre-game coverage by having everyone empty out of a clown car.


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