Way to be 10 years late Mr. Rick Reilly…

So this from Rick Reilly’s artcile in ESPN the Magazine this month. “Life of Reilly: Introducing the next great American pastime: beer pong.”

Too bad for Rick, he’s about 10 years to late on this breaking news. I can’t blame the guy, he’s probably twice my age. But with that being said, the sound of a plastic ping pong ball hitting a plastic solo cup is enough to make the taste of Busch Light come back to my pallette from yester years. After that taste hit, it usually follows with me dry heaving and the sudden gust of the smell of stale beer on a wooden floor.
Oh college.

Here’s Rick Reilly’s article:



2 thoughts on “Way to be 10 years late Mr. Rick Reilly…

  1. I love dry heaving or even wet heaving during beer pong (its called beirut for fucks sake). Usually the heave is induced when you realize that the beer you just drank is a different color, a more piss like color than the rest of the beer cups. And its much warmer, and people have been avoiding drinking it for the past 6 games. Then you look around and think about how gross everyone in the room is, and your sharing not one, but six cups with them.

    Seriously though, is there anymore euphoric feeling in the world than that light-headed feeling in the 20 seconds after a heave. I did a little heave-ho the other morning and I swear to god I contemplated becoming addicted to puking for the next 2 or 3 hours.

    Rant over.

    Ladybird OUT.

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