The Curious Case of Eddy Curry

Six months removed from being held up at gunpoint in his Chicago, three months into a season where he’s been all but exiled from his team, and weeks after being accused of making sexual advancements and using ethnic slurs towards his driver, Eddy Curry on Saturday received news that the mother of his child and her infant were found dead in her Chicago apartment.

According to the Chicago Tribune, “A source close to Curry—a married father of four—said the basketball player maintains that he is not the father of Ava Henry (the infant who was murdered). Court records show that Nova Henry filed two separate petitions to establish parentage in November 2005 and September 2008.”

And so, on a bitter chord, continues the bizarre star crossed story of what has become Eddy Curry’s career. A one time top pick, who has been more renown for his weight struggles than his accomplishments on the court, who was handed the mantle of the New York Knicks franchise a few years back,  continues his bizarre march towards basketball oddity.


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