Boxing’s Welterweight Class

If you have been disenfranchised with boxing in the past decade, I beg of you, if you consider yourself a true sports fan, to check out the next time any of the welterweights fight on television.


Saturday night’s fight between a 37-year old, “Sugar” Shane Mosely and 30-year old Antonio “The Tijuana Tornado” Margarito was entertaining enough to restore your faith (and I’m not just talking about their nicknames, I mean the fight). So has all the major fights in the welterweight class in 2008. Do yourself a favor, and take an hour out of your day and watch the mastery of Manny Pacquiao, the brute swinging of Andre Berto, and the boxing prowess of Miguel Cotto. It’s enough to draw you back from pronouncing boxing as being “dead” and second tier to UFC. These guys give it their all, and battle with a quickness that makes the heavyweights look like slow ogres waking up in the morning. Not to mention watching the slow motion cameras on HD make quality boxing matches the best sport, of all the sports to watch in High Definition.

If you have HBO on demand, all the major fights from the past year can be found there. I promise all the fights are worth your time.

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