Dear Cardinals, I’m Sorry

Dear Arizona Cardinals,

A few weeks back, posted a countdown of the top 10 moments in Arizona sports history. The week the countdown debuted, the number four moment was your win in this year’s Wild Card Weekend  vs. the Atlanta Falcons. Just two weeks later, now we’re looking at brand new countdown.

To say you guys were long shots to win the NFC Championship would be generous of me. You were a team who played in the worst division in the NFL. You guys all but gave up on a game not four weeks ago during a blizzard in Foxboro, and you were 0-8 when playing in the east coast all regular season long. No chance you guys could ever match up with the NFL’s best.

After a solid win verse the Falcons I still doubted you. Even after you stunned the football world in Carolina, I still thought you guys were serving up a cupcake for the winners of the Eagles and Giants game. And now you guys pull off a unlikely victory against the Eagles and are heading to Super Bowl XLIII.

So basically, I’m writing to you tonight on behalf of myself and the rest of the football world to apologize for the nay-saying and doubts I’ve given you guys all season long. I apologize for consistently thinking Kurt Warner was an old, washed up, and shadow of his former self (Apparently, Jesus is in fact a Kurt Warner fan), who had the benefit of throwing to the best wide receiver in the game, Larry Fitzgerald. I apologize for thinking your defense was soft, and I apologize for thinking your team was a joke when you went to sleep early in Week 16 verse the Patriots.

You guys have proved me wrong.

Once again sorry, and be prepared to once again be the underdogs come this year’s Super Bowl,

Good Luck in Tampa Bay,


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