Boy Do I Hate The Steelers

It was bad enough having to watch my two least favorite teams play for the AFC Championship, but rooting for the lesser of two evils (a team run by Browns’ great Ozzie Newsome), I get stubbed in the face again by one of the most successful sports franchises in recent memories.

The Steelers always seem to turn it out, year after year. And when they do have a down year, rest assure it’s only for one season. One season of sucking, and they’re right back on their feet slaughtering the AFC North and my Cleveland Browns.

Tonight I went to a Steelers bar to meet up with a friend, and was told by the bouncer I couldn’t come in, because it was full with terrible towel waving, spoiled, cocky, arrogant Steelers fans. I told the bouncer, “I curse the Steelers- go Ravens”. Hoping to conjure up some of the energy from the “Curse of the Billy Goat”, that has left the Cubs title-less for a century, I came home and hoped it worked….of course it didn’t. Rooting for the Steelers, is like rooting for U.S. Steel.

So come Super Bowl XLII, I will be rooting for the Jesus freak, Kurt Warner and the plain ole’ freak, Larry Fitzgerald. I’ll be rooting for hard hitting Adrian Wilson, and the dude the Cardinals got named, Laboy (which is spanish for “the boy”).

Anyone know where I can get Aneas Williams jersey on the cheap?

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