Dallas Considering Dumping T.O.

The big news out of Big D this morning is that “America’s Team” (a team that everyone hates) the Dallas Cowboys, are mulling the possibility of cutting controversial wide receiver, Terrell Owens from their team.

I for one think this is the sort of move that will bring the Cowboys back from the giant size collapse they suffered this season.

No doubt Terrell Owens is a playmaker, but is he worth all the headache? No- no player is.

He’s as nuerotic of a player as the NFL has ever seen. What other player in league’s history cries foul, because he thinks he is the victim of his Quarterback and the tight end creating their own plays that no one else knows about. Let me attempt to make this as clear as possible. Owens thinks his Quarterback and tight end are making secret plays. Secret plays that don’t include him. A conspiracy, if you will. Right up there with all the great conspiracies in American history. Terrell believes he’s a victim.

Not to mention his comments at the end of the season that the team needed to get the other wide reciever on the team, Roy Williams, the ball more often. As if the entire sports world is oblvious to the fact that when Owens doesn’t get the ball enough, he pouts.

Cowboys, do yourself and your team and your quarterbacks mental health a favor and cut Terrell Owens.

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