Lowe Gets $60M???

Not sure how he pulled it off, but today Derek Lowe some how received a 4 years/$60 million dollars, with the Atlanta Braves.

Lowe in a throwback jersey while pitching for the Dodgers this past season (Getty Images)

Lowe in a throwback jersey while pitching for the Dodgers this past season (Getty Images)

All off-season, the most masterful agent in all of sports, Scott Boras (love him or hate him, he’s the best at what he does), stated confidently that his pitcher, Derek Lowe, was looking for 6 years for $90 million, and “Lowe” and behold (gar gar gar, like what I did there?) Boras gets his client top dollar.

So maybe Boras wasn’t good enough to his 35 year-old pitcher the 6 years, and keep him employed till he’s 41 at the tone of $15 million a season. None the less, Lowe will be making BANK this season and will soon be one of the oldest starting pitchers in the major leagues.

What I think it interesting, is the fact the Braves decided to pay a 35 year-old Lowe $15 million for four years, and were not willing to go virtually the same money, with an extra year for a 31 year-old,A.J. Burnett- a pitcher with similar numbers to Lowe- but with far superior stuff, says something about the Braves thoughts on Burnett. I also found it interesting that Boras was not shy in telling people Lowe deserved the sort of contract he received today, because of his similarties to A.J. Burnett. Obviously the Braves agreed. The Braves clearly questioned Burnett’s ability to stay healthy, motovated, and consistant by choosing to spend this big money on a Derek Lowe and not an A.J. Burnett.


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